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Community Garden

The garden—located on the south side of Emerson Elementary School—has quickly become a regular gathering space for the community and a venue for small CNA events. 

The garden is accessible to the neighborhood from the entrance on Grenada (between 7th and 10th Streets), and is kept a secure facility for safety and security purposes.


The Coronado Community Garden is made possible by a wonderful partnership with Emerson Elementary, who graciously allowed us to locate our garden on the south side of the school grounds in December 2021. 

G Road

Through the CNA's new partnership with G Road, students at Emerson Elementary will support caring and maintaining the garden through G Road's Gardening & Sustainability program. The program will teach youth how to garden and about plant biology, and they will be able to use the space for outdoor crafting as well (i.e. painting the garden beds fun colors and hopefully one day a mural on the side of the toolshed!). 


Organized maintenance, planting, and harvesting days are coordinated through the Garden Volunteer's WhatsApp chat. 

If you are interested in supporting the community garden, please reach out to to get connected with our garden volunteers. 


530 E McDowell Rd #107-489 |  Phoenix, AZ 85004


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