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Questions or Issues to Report

  • City of Phoenix General Information: 602-262-6011
  • Administrative Services Division: 602-534-5033
  • Community Development Division: 602-534-2393
  • Phoenix Neighborhood Services
  • Landlord/Tenant Counseling: 602-262-7210
  • Neighborhood Association List: 602-495-0113
  • Property Maintenance Violations: 602-262-7844
  • Alley Repair: 602-262-6441
  • Barking Dogs: 602-262-6466
  • Liquor Licensing: 602-262-4638
  • Arizona Preservation Foundation
  • City Services Billing

Zoning, Permits, & Historic Preservation

If you are interested in providing input on a Zoning Administration hearing, but are unable to attend the hearing, you may provide your input in writing. You may send a letter to the Zoning Administrator and include the case number in the correspondence. The letter can be mailed, faxed, or attached to an e-mail.

Planning Department Zoning Administrator

200 W. Washington St., 2nd Floor                   

Phoenix, AZ 85003 

Donna Behm, Zoning Administrator at 602-495-0563 email:

Click here for more on Historic Preservation.

Stay Informed

State of Arizona Resources

Maricopa County Resources


530 E McDowell Rd #107-489 |  Phoenix, AZ 85004


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